Data Analytics


Data Analytics


Make the most out of data – from business intelligence to advanced analytics.

A look back at the past or a view into the future
Business intelligence has always been an integral part of successful corporate management. Advanced analytics methods are based on this and represent the update of business intelligence. While Business Intelligence describes the current state, Advanced Analytics focuses on the future. It complements the available information and allows decision-makers to make systematically better-informed decisions. Transform8 uses advanced analytics methods to help manage increasing amounts of data and make them usable in suitable predictive models for forecasting the future.

Advanced analytics for a holistic perspective
In its origins, business intelligence is rule-based and linear: data is evaluated using a static algorithm. The data must be available in a specific, uniform format. With the use of machine learning methods, a company is also able to link unstructured data to BI systems in a self-learning process and thus automate previously manual processes, such as data structuring, and draw valuable conclusions for business decisions more rapidly.


Your benefits

  • By analyzing inventory and modeling inventory trends, purchases can be better planned, and customer-side supply shortages can be avoided.
  • In marketing, predictive methods help to assess the success of campaign elements and make reliable predictions about the target group.
  • In customer service, an analysis of the entire customer lifecycle can provide valuable insights for improving customer support.
  • In maintenance, predictive analytics assist in deriving the health status and wear patterns from raw data of a system, thus predicting the remaining useful lifetime of the system and notifying necessary maintenance well in advance.

Data Analytics Process

Collecting data

With the support of modern data mining tools, we scan the existing data sets for trends, correlations and unrecognised patterns. We develop relevant features from your data and identify use cases that are profitable for your company.

Building models

In order to make reliable predictions, algorithms are required that model the reality in the company relatively accurately. For this, we draw on a wide portfolio of well-known analysis methods, from regression models and anomaly detection to clustering or classification.

Provide infrastructure

Advanced analytics needs a solid digital infrastructure. We are able to provide you with a seamless interface for advanced analytics to existing information systems and deliver it in an agile way via Microsoft Azure.

Developing the team

Our interdisciplinary team helps to integrate competences within the company. Within the framework of a workshop, we train employees in the use of advanced analytics methods in order to stabilise the established approaches in the long term.



We analyse the situation, requirements and databases with you. A shared understanding of the current situation and a closely coordinated project procedure forms the basis for the next steps.

Data exploration & structuring

Based on the agreed data access points, data is provided, selected, checked for data integrity, and structured for further processing.

Advanced Data Analytics

With complex algorithms, we create the basis for the integration of predictive and prescriptive analysis models into your business life.

Web Analytics & Web Scraping

We assist you in generating and using external data from the internet and the live connection, e.g. for monitoring competitors or your own performance. You can find more information on this topic in our white paper on “External data”.

Artificial Intelligence

Through the efficiency of AI and Machine Learning (Deep Learning) models, we support you in automating complex processes.

Regression & Classification

Forecasting models and customer clusters help companies to look into the future and can offer clear strategic advantages.

Visualisation & data preparation

The visualisation and utilisation of the gained results & insights is an important part, in which we are glad to support you with our BI expertise.


When it comes to integrating new technologies into established systems, we are glad to assist you with our technical know-how and interface expertise.

Accompanying evaluation

We do not leave you alone after the project. On request, we are pleased to supervise long-term projects and support you in your decision for the future.


Do you have any more questions?

We value your trust when you share your personal information with us. Your data will only be used by us to respond to your enquiry. We always treat your data fairly, respectfully and only for the stated purpose. You are free to revoke consent to temporary storage of your data at any time. Please read our privacy policy for more information on how we handle your data and how you can exercise your rights.




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