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From patchwork rug to quilt: Why integrated financial planning is more than the sum of its parts

Efficient financial planning is a crucial aspect for the success and sustainable growth of companies. However, integrated financial planning goes one step further. It offers a comprehensive approach to a company’s finances by seamlessly combining different aspects of financial management. In this article we will take a closer look at the benefits of integrated financial planning for businesses.

Comprehensive view of finances

Integrated financial planning not only considers isolated financial areas such as budgeting, forecasting or liquidity management, but also links them together. This enables a comprehensive understanding of the financial impact of decisions and actions in a company.

Better decision making

Integrated financial planning allows companies to make well-informed decisions. The management gets a clear overview of the financial situation and can evaluate potential risks and opportunities more accurately. This allows you to develop long-term strategies and react to unexpected events at short term.

Optimizing resources

Integrated financial planning enables companies to use their resources in the best way possible. You can identify shortages, use capital efficiently and manage liquidity more effectively. This reduces costs and increases profitability.

Proactive risk management

By linking various financial data, companies can identify potential risks at an early stage. This makes it possible to take countermeasures at an early stage and to be better prepared for the unexpected.

Real-time monitoring

Integrated financial planning enables real-time monitoring of financial data. Companies can track their financial performance on a continual basis and make immediate adjustments as required. This is particularly invaluable in a fast-changing business world.

Support with compliance and reporting

Integrated financial planning facilitates compliance with legal regulations and the creation of financial reports. All relevant financial data is combined in one system, which increases the accuracy and efficiency of reporting.

Promotion of teamwork

Integrated financial planning combines different departments that usually operate separately. Finance, sales, purchasing, production and other departments work together on a consolidated financial plan. This promotes collaboration and fosters a better understanding of corporate goals.

Integrated financial planning is a powerful tool to optimize the financial well-being of a company. By taking a holistic view of finance, better decision-making, efficient use of resources and proactive risk management, companies can improve performance and gain competitive advantage. Invest in integrated financial planning to put your business on the path to success!



  • Data integration and quality
  • Change management and acceptance
  • Complexity of planning scenarios


  • IT systems are fully coordinated and integrated with each other
  • Centralization of planned and actual data allows smooth cooperation thanks to information transparency
  • Through training and further education, you permanently empower your employees.

Your planning journey with Transform8

Efficient and successful projects

Thanks to our clear and targeted project approach, coupled with our extensive, tried-and-tested toolbox of methods and years of experience, we ensure an efficient project process and a high success rate.

Achieve first results quickly

Thanks to our iterative, agile approach, you can present the first results rapidly and gradually convert your everyday planning to the new system. This makes the transition easier for employees and is welcomed by their superiors.

Optimize your planning processes

Digitalizing your planning processes is an excellent way to optimize previous planning processes. We are here to support you not only with our technical know-how, but also with our extensive professional experience.

Integrate your project into comprehensive business processes

To ensure that your project also fits holistically into the corporate structure, we offer end-to-end consulting, with all the usual models of integrated financial planning and a sharp eye for the whole picture.


Comprehensive reporting and planning solution for a medium-sized pharmaceutical company


the Case



Requirements analysis and tool selection

Finding the right reporting tool involves a detailed analysis of all the company’s requirements. Our experienced team accompanies this process and creates a complete overview.


We work with you to design the tendering process and ensure that the right software solution is identified for your requirements. If necessary, we can assist you in obtaining licenses through our partner network.

MVP development

For individual solutions, we put our own hands to work, developing proofs of concepts, MVPs and prototypes for reporting tools in a rapid prototyping process.


We implement the new software solution and ensure functioning interfaces to the existing systems.

Setting up the system architecture

For seamless integration of your systems and tools, in addition to a clean data foundation, the right system architecture is essential. Our experts will help you to create seamless integrations and interfaces.

Data preparation

Not all data is the same. To ensure you are using the correct data and that it can be smoothly integrated into the new tools, our experts assist you with data preparation.

Create plan masks

Planning software has to work for the user. Through UX-optimized designs of planning masks, we already ensure a user-friendly interface in the MVP development.

Optimization and documentation

Our experienced team accompanies the planning process and ensures clean planning with as few friction points as possible through targeted optimization and documentation.

Defining workflows

For the new reporting system to provide added value, you need consistent workflows that ensure high data quality and uniformity.

KPI definition and controlling

Our experts ensure that you always have the right KPIs ready so that you never lose track of the current business situation in a fast-changing world.

Operating your reporting systems

Creating automated reports and regularly sending them to relevant individuals within the company – we assist you in implementing this process to accelerate your reporting processes.

Implementing reporting requirements

Every company has different requirements for the content and layout of its reports. We ensure that all reports produced meet your company’s requirements – from key figure calculation to layout and design.

Creating authorization concepts

Who is allowed to see which information in the system and who is allowed to perform which actions? We help you to develop an authorization concept that is suitable for your company so that sensitive information remains protected.

Connecting heterogeneous source systems

Often, data in companies is not stored centrally, while departments obtain their data from different sources. Our experts can help you identify the necessary data sources and connect them to your planning solution.

Training courses

We not only help you optimize your systems and processes, but also ensure through training that your employees can also get the most out of the new reporting tool.


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