Planning and Workflow


Planning & Workflow


Increase predictability and reduce your risk

Integrated planning for sustainable success
Integrated corporate planning is the base for transparent and target-oriented corporate management. For a seamless integration of sub-planning in the company, the market offers a variety of self-service planning applications for departmental users.
Since we can look back on many years of implementation experience in the planning area, it is possible for us to assist you in all stages, from the technical conception, to the software selection, the design of the application, to the implementation and maintenance. We provide software-independent advice and select the solution that is best suited to your specific use case.

We make your success predictable
Whether rolling forecast, annual budget, turnover, personnel, marketing or production planning, we have the professional and technical competence to sustainably anchor customised planning solutions in BI architectures. In addition to tool-supported implementation of traditional counterflow planning, we assist you in realizing driver-based planning and complex predictive planning use cases.
Successful corporate leadership is the result of holistic planning in all areas of the company. Through modern integrated planning systems, sub-planning is managed in a centred way, allowing planning to be done more efficiently and without gaps. Manual consolidations of different plans are no longer necessary and the modification of a plan operator has a direct effect on all connected sub-plans. This leaves employees with more resources to concentrate on essential business processes.

The increased transparency and planning accuracy helps to make better decisions and to manage business more effectively and in a more targeted manner.


Your benefits

  • More efficient and therefore shorter planning phases
  • More intuitive scenario analysis
  • More robust planning through increased data accuracy
  • Time, error and cost reduction through automated processes
  • Early identification of opportunities and risks

Planning process

Requirement specification

To ensure that all relevant people are provided with the information they need, we help you to automate all reporting processes.


Once a suitable planning software has been found, we develop a design process concept for you that matches your requirements.


The software solution is integrated into your existing systems. We also provide trainings to ensure that your employees can get the most out of the new software solution.

Operation and maintenance

Even after the implementation of the new planning software, we are there to assist you if necessary and ensure the efficient use of the software solution.


Requirements analysis and tool selection

We assist you in identifying and setting up your planning software requirements and consult you in the selection of a suitable planning tool.

Technical implementation

Not only can we assist you with the technical selection and application of your new planning solution, our experts can also support you with the technical implementation and integration into existing planning systems.


We will then design the tender process with you and ensure that the right planning solution is provided for your requirements. If required, we can support you with the provision of licences with the support of our partner network.

Interface construction

Often the integration of the tool can be as challenging as the selection. For all this to work properly, the tool has to be correctly connected to the existing systems. Our experts support you in setting up the necessary interfaces.

Optimisation and documentation

Our experienced team supports the planning process and ensures clean planning with as few friction points as possible through targeted optimisation and documentation.

Conception and implementation of workflows

In order for the new planning software to bring value, you need consistent workflows that ensure high quality and consistency of the planning data.

PoC and MVP development

For custom solutions, we take matters into our own hands, developing proof of concepts, MVPs, and prototypes for planning tools using rapid prototyping methods.

Creating authorisation concepts

Who is allowed to see which information in the system and who is allowed to perform which actions? Who are the administrators? We help you to develop an authorisation concept that is suitable for your company so that sensitive information stays protected.

Create plan masks

Planning software has to work for the user. Through UX-optimised designs of planning masks, we already ensure a user-friendly interface in the MVP development.

Training courses

We not only support you in optimising your systems and processes, but also ensure through training that your employees can also get the most out of the new planning software.


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