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Comprehensive reporting solutions for more accurate reporting, more precise reporting and faster data-based decision making

In today’s dynamic business world, it is crucial for companies to make informed decisions based on precise data. Comprehensive reporting solutions play a major role in helping companies gain insights from their data, optimise business performance and gain competitive advantage.

What are comprehensive reporting solutions? Comprehensive reporting solutions are holistic and integrated approaches to capturing, analyzing, and presenting corporate data. They provide a holistic view of all aspects of the business, from finance to sales to operational data. These solutions use advanced technologies to collect and link data from different sources and transform it into informative reports and dashboards.

Better decision making

Comprehensive reporting solutions enable managers to make informed decisions based on current and accurate data. The deeper insights into business processes and outcomes help to identify opportunities and proactively deal with challenges.

Efficient use of resources

By automating data collection, processing and visualisation, companies save valuable time and resources. Manual reporting is minimised, enabling employees to focus on strategic tasks.

Real-time monitoring

Comprehensive reporting solutions offer the possibility to monitor company data in real time. This allows a quick response to changes in the business environment and a proactive adaptation of strategies.

Data-driven insights

By combining data from different departments and sources, companies get a comprehensive picture of their business. This promotes data-driven insights that lead to more effective planning and alignment.

Measurable performance in real time

Comprehensive reporting solutions enable the tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time. This makes it easier to identify successes and challenges and supports strategic alignment.

Customer-oriented strategies

By analysing customer data, companies can better understand how to optimise their products and services to meet their customers’ needs.

Compliance and transparency

Comprehensive reporting solutions can help to meet compliance requirements and ensure transparency of financial and business activities.

Comprehensive reporting solutions are more than just reporting tools. They provide companies with the opportunity to transform their data into valuable insights and strategic actions. The ability to capture, link, and analyze data from various sources gives companies a competitive advantage by enabling more agile and data-driven decision-making. Learn more about how our solutions can take your business to the next level. Contact us today!



  • Data integration and quality from often diverse internal and external sources
  • Partly high technological complexity in the implementation
  • The possible resistance of employees for what effective change management is necessary


  • Facilitating strategic decision-making through deeper insights into the data
  • Improving efficiency and reducing errors through data collection, processing, and reporting
  • Early detection of trends and opportunities through real-time monitoring and in-depth analysis

Reporting process

Efficient project implementation

Our years of project experience, agile working methods, comprehensive technical and domain knowledge, and quick understanding of interfaces ensure rapid project implementation and a high success rate.

Dual expertise: from Deep-Tech to Business Experts

To ensure that your BI projects truly deliver economic value to your company, our experts bring not only the technical and data understanding for tool implementation and data integration but also the crucial business expertise.

The best solution for your requirements

Tool selection is a crucial process in every BI project. As tool-independant consultants, it is important for us to select the tool that represents the best solution for your requirements. We provide support both in the selection process and during the procurement phase.

Long-term enablement and competency building

To ensure you and your employees derive the maximum benefit from your reporting systems over the long term, we emphasize training and education. This way, you can build internal expertise within the company and ensure long-term project success


Comprehensive reporting and planning solution for a mid-sized pharmaceutical company


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Requirements analysis and tool selection

Finding the right reporting tool requires a detailed assessment of all the requirements within the company. Our experienced team guides this process and provides a comprehensive overview.


We work with you to design the tendering process and ensure that the right software solution is identified for your requirements. If necessary, we can assist you in obtaining licenses through our partner network.

MVP Development

For custom solutions, we roll up our sleeves and develop proof of concepts, MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), and prototypes for reporting tools using rapid prototyping techniques.


We implement the new software solution and ensure functional interfaces with existing systems.

Setting up the system architecture

For seamless integration of your systems and tools, in addition to a clean data foundation, the right system architecture is essential. Our experts assist you in creating seamless integrations and interfaces.

Data processing

Data is not all the same. To ensure that you are using the right data and that it can be smoothly integrated into the new tools, our experts assist you with data preparation.

Create planning interfaces

Planning software must work for the end user. Through UX-optimized designs of planning interfaces, we ensure a user-friendly interface even during MVP development.

Optimization and documentation

Our experienced team guides the planning process and ensures a clean planning with as few friction points as possible through targeted optimization and documentation.

Define Workflows

For the new reporting system to provide added value, you need consistent workflows that ensure high data quality and uniformity.

KPI definition and control.

Our experts ensure that you always have the right KPIs, so you never lose track of the current business situation in a rapidly changing world.

Operation of your reporting systems

Creating automated reports and regularly sending them to relevant individuals within the company – we assist you in implementing this process to accelerate your reporting processes.

Implementing reporting requirements

Every company has different requirements for the content and layout of its reports. We ensure that all generated reports meet your company’s requirements, from metric calculation to layout and design.

Developing authorization concepts

Who can see what information in the system and who is allowed to perform which actions? We assist you in developing an authorization concept suitable for your company to ensure the protection of sensitive information.

Integration of heterogeneous source systems

Often, data in companies is not stored centrally, with departments obtaining their data from various sources. Our experts can help you identify the necessary data sources and integrate them into your planning solution.


We not only assist you in optimizing your systems and processes but also ensure, through training, that your employees can make the most out of the new reporting tool.


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